About Me

Meet the fun-loving, always smiling Principal UX Consultant at Improving who embraces life’s adventures, both at work and with loved ones. With a solid 6 handicap in golf, I enjoy every moment, whether exploring new experiences or strategizing on the course.

Professionally, I boast over 9.5 years of expertise as a UX Full Stack Designer, excelling in diverse industries like finance, oil & gas, medical, hospitality, insurance, telecom, and entertainment. My approach revolves around the Design Thinking Methodology, ensuring efficient and up-to-date solutions with a keen eye on the latest software applications and advancements.

Currently, I’m diving into the fascinating world of AI, experimenting, learning, sharing, teaching, and evolving. My focus lies in unleashing the “Hidden Power” of ChatGPT and mastering Prompt Engineering to expand my knowledge in this cutting-edge domain.

My Guiding Principles

No one is perfect, but we should strive to maximize our potential.
This is a list of principles I live by daily.

My services

User Experience

An appreciation of user psychology and an understanding of how language and design resonate with users. Advocate for the users.

UX Strategy & Architecture

A proven approach to mapping user needs, experiences and customer journeys to an application flow and process that works.

Visual & Frontend Design

The ability to clearly present and articulate design decisions, participate in peer design critiques, and turn that design into HTML & Responsive CSS.

A student of Design Thinking


From all perspectives view the issues and define the problem.


Brainstorm out of the box solutions and create quick models.


Take outcomes from exploration, and test them to form solutions or create new questions to solve. Then put that vision into effect.

Design Thinking 101

What my clients say

Vaughn came in and kicked #%!@ . We had a short window to work in, and he hit the ground running. Discovered not only a better design for us, but fixed the current functionality to work better in the new design.

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IT Manager

Vaughn's a super hero! He came onto our project for only 2 weeks and totally fixed the design and gave great input on the work flow. Kudos!

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Applications Manager

Vaughn's a great asset to the team. He has delivered great visuals and helps the team by asking great questions as we move forward.

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Agile Scrum Master

Who I am

A loyal friend and coworker that loves to work hard and play harder!
Go out, create, empower, uplift, enjoy and have no regrets!!!
Living a, “Yes, And…” kind of life.


Discovery, Stakeholder/User Interviews, Problem Solving, Planning 95%
Figma, Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, Mural/Miro, White board, Pencil & Paper 93%
HTML, CSS3, jQuery & UI javascript 91%

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